Welcome to the world of Shantryl.

A world of intrigue and politics, as well as impending war.

A world of strange magical ‘Flux’ storms, which make life both mysterious and dangerous, as well as bringing strange new items and even peoples and places to the world.

A world where magic is both wild and yet also closely guarded by those who practice its arts.

A world where the Gods actively protect and guide their followers, while also being ever vigilant against the encroachment of their evil enemy.

A world where conflict is life, be it between Good and Evil, empires and rebels, religions and sects, or conflict with Nature itself, the peoples of Shantryl must always be prepared to fight to survive.

In the world of Shantryl, we will introduce a new pantheon. This will consist of 4 new Deities. Ur, the god of Order; Shadak, the god of Chaos; and Shantryl, the Goddess of the World, and Creation. Their adversary, the Nameless, is the skulking god of all things evil. These Gods are very involved in the world, speaking directly with their followers (or at least those of sufficient power) and even guiding them and sending them on missions. Other pantheons can also have a place within Shantryl, if the DM and players wish to use them, though it may prove detrimental in certain areas of Shantryl.

We will have descriptions of the different empires and kingdoms of the world, in full detail, including the politics, laws, and relationships with the other countries.

Most of the major races, humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes, half-orcs, have a place within Shantryl, and others can be easily added, and we will also be introducing two new races. One race of large ice dwelling humanoids. And a race of odd alien type humanoids who have come through a flux storm to Shantryl, who have a completely different ‘religion’ based on honor. Both races will have full descriptions and backgrounds, as well as tips for adding them into different gaming systems.

Sorcerers and Wizards are abundant in several places in Shantryl, though some wizards and kingdoms are wary and even hostile to those who come to magic too easily.

The magical ‘Flux’ storms will have a mechanic for using them in scenarios, from small to large ones, and ways to incorporate them into your games if you so wish.

We will also have a new mechanic for making profession and crafting skills more useful and playable, making exploring and plying your craft worthwhile ventures.

The world of Shantryl is a campaign setting that has been used by our gaming group

for decades.  It was created by the group over a matter of weeks,

and has been edited and fiddled with over the years.

We have finally decided to make it available to other role-players, and will be

creating much more content for it, including fully mapped cities, adventure paths, and modules.

We hope you enjoy it.

Shantryl – In the Beginning